Laser Services

Thanks to technological advances, more and more men and women are making the decision to permanently rid themselves of unwanted facial and body hair. These FDA-approved laser services produce proven results. In addition to hair removal, laser services also can be used to remove spider veins and for other skin treatments. Bottsford's Vein and Laser has long been a leader in these services, and today boasts 3 state of the art Candela Lasers.

Facial Vein B/A

Facial Veins

Pre-Treatment Instructions 

Your skin should be completely clean and dry prior to treatment.  Remove or omit application of any skin care products on the day of treatment.

AVOID the SUN.  The area to be treated should not be exposed to sun prior to treatment of tanned skin may cause blistering or possible hypopigmentation which may last for several weeks.

Avoid using tanning creams, spray tans, or any type of temporary pigmented creams prior to treatment.

Patients who are taking high doses of iron may have an increased risk of hyperpigmentation.

Patients who have a darker skin type may have an increased risk of hypopigmentation (white spots) or hyperpigmentation (dark spots).  Ask your provider.

Patients typically tolerate this procedure well.


Post-Treatment Instructions: 

The heat from the laser pulses may be slightly uncomfortable during and immediately following treatment.  Cold gel packs/ice can be applied to reduce discomfort.

Tylenol is recommended for any pain, as needed.

AVOID the SUN completely after treatment to reduce hyperpigmentation.  Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 xinc oxide or titanium dioxide with UVA/B sunblock.

Check with your provider about the possibility of using a dsily moisturizer.

Avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours after treatment.

Wait at least 8 weeks before the next treatment as resolution of the vessels continues throughout this entire period.  

Your facial veins may appear bruised or darker red following treatment.  This discoloration will fade over the next few weeks.  Brown discoloration may take several months to fade.

If blistering occurs, the application of a topical antibiotic ointment may be ordered.