Laser Services

Thanks to technological advances, more and more men and women are making the decision to permanently rid themselves of unwanted facial and body hair. These FDA-approved laser services produce proven results. In addition to hair removal, laser services also can be used to remove spider veins and for other skin treatments. Bottsford's Vein and Laser has long been a leader in these services, and today boasts 3 state of the art Candela Lasers.

Leg and Ankle Spider Veins


When the reticular veins have been obliterated, only then can the laser address the spider veins of the legs and feet with successful outcome.  Our treatment plan begins with sclerotherapy and 2 months following the injections, if there are any veins that haven't been addressed, the patient returns for a touch up session using the YAG laser.  The results are wonderful and we have a happy patient who doesn't have to pay for the touch up.

The Candela Laser works in conjunction with sclerotherapy. Following injection of the larger veins (reticular), the laser works wonders on spider veins less than 1mm in size.  To use the laser on larger veins without the sclerotherapy procedure first, will assure that your veins return. 

After sclerotherapy, the Candela laser is a swift and uncomplicated procedure for the remaining leg and ankle veins with very little pain. The laser causes the small vessels to warm up to a high enough heat to cause coagulation, which causes the vein to seal off, shrink and ultimately, be absorbed by your body, in essence they fade away. The Candela laser has a dynamic cooling device (DCD) that chills your skin throughout the procedure.

Protection from sun for approximately a week with SPA 30 sunscreen to prevent complications.